Do you remember your wildest dreams? And how many of them had to be abandoned, and what was the reason? Brave adventurers, beautiful ballerinas, shipbuilders and conquerors of wild nature – why does someone manage to make dreams come true, and someone agrees to little and is content with what they have?

You can’t imagine yourself in the future as if you already got what you want

To achieve the desired result, you need to imagine that you already have it in your pocket and draw up a more or less specific plan for further actions. 

Let’s be honest, most dreams come down to material values ​​- to earn a lot of money (or get it just like that), move into your own house, buy a car, go to live in warmer climes, etc.

Suppose you have earned the required amount of money playing at the 22Bet TZ website. What’s next? Where to spend them? They left for permanent residence in Thailand. Make future plans and visualize them. In the future, this will play an important role, and you will not be left with a “broken trough” with a suitcase of unnecessary gold.

By the way, when you start following your dream, do not forget that this is not necessarily associated with sudden changes in life. Dropping everything and starting to build something on these ruins is more about despair and escape from reality, and dreams and reality have more points of contact than you can imagine.

You lack motivation and support

motivation and support

Alone, reaching the top is much more difficult than with like-minded people. Therefore, if there are people in your environment who are ready to help you with at least a word and practical advice, do not refuse their support. Even if it seems that you can achieve everything on your own. Nobody has yet to cancel the human factor, and friends who at the right time will help maintain a positive attitude and fighting spirit are sometimes worth their weight in gold.

Also, decide on motivation. It will not only give you strength for further movement but will actually determine the direction. Suppose you decide to start a new life in another country. This raises the question of relevance and recognition, which you have at the moment. You will lose them and roll back in social status. And it is not known how much time you will spend returning to your usual positions. It turns out that your own importance is more important to you. Become aware of your deepest motivation, identify your currently frustrated needs, and with a light heart, discard ideas that detract from the right path.

You have lost the ability to dream like a child

ability to dream

As Antoine de Saint-Exupery bequeathed, all adults were children at first, only few of them remember this. Try not to forget about it and from time to time give space for the inner child, even if you are a wise person with years and experience. Unfortunately, already in adolescence, many cannot say what they dream about and who they want to become, and desires become pragmatic and applied.

Allow yourself to look at life more broadly and get rid of phrases like “this is not possible” and “you will not succeed”. Do not clip the wings of your own dreams and your better future. Approach life as a game and then many issues will be resolved much easier.

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