The eSports tournaments today gather millions of spectators around the planet, when gyms or arenas in host cities are not crowded. In this scenario, FIFA, one of the most traditional football games, has become one of the main sports.

Understand below how to bet on FIFA, the types of markets and modes available, what to take into consideration, the main competitions of the game and the advantages and disadvantages of betting on this electronic sport:

How FIFA works

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Like the football played in leagues and cups around the world, FIFA, created in 1993, consists of two teams seeking victory in a given match, eliminatory or qualifying. This match may also be part of a tournament.

However, in electronic games, these competitive duels are only between two players, each controlling a team. It is possible, however, to add more participants, but the number varies according to the version of the game.

Since its creation, FIFA has changed a lot and currently has the Ultimate Team (FUT) game mode, the most popular online modality of the game, in which the player creates a team of athletes who are active, according to their performance in real life.

Main competitions

In addition to the national leagues, there are world level competitions in which the best players in the world feature. EA Sports’ FIFA Global Series encompasses the FUT Champions Cups and players have chances to qualify for the FIFA eWorld Cup.

Other competitions that form part of the FIFA Global Series are the FIFA eNations Cup, which features national teams, and the FIFA eClub World Cup, which would be the equivalent of the Club World Cup.

Both tournaments also qualify for the game’s World Cup: the FIFA eWorld Cup. This tournament, played along the same lines as the real World Cup, brings together the best 32 players in the world.

Differences to real football

Perhaps one of the main differences between a virtual football match on FIFA and a real football match in professional competitions is the goal average. In general, it is much more likely that there will be more goals scored in the game, regardless of the sides.

However, this also means that FIFA matches have a lot of excitement in store for those who follow them, and there are frequent changes in the scoreline. Qualifiers are generally played as a round-robin affair.

Types of bets

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As for the types of bets allowed, the game is very similar to real-life football. There are classic markets such as match winners, future bets (on the outcome of the tournament), multi bets (combined) and live bets (on the match).

It is also possible to place special bets, those on specific events within the game, as well as over and under (more or less goals), which player/team scores first and positive or negative Asian handicaps (for unbalanced scenarios).

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