The world of betting is not limited only to football, other sports such as MMA are also present in this list. Many people believe that it is difficult to bet on this sport, however, everything becomes easier if analysed in the right way.

What is an MMA championship?

MMA is the acronym for “Mixed Martial Arts”. A championship of this modality gathers athletes who dominate different types of fights into a ring. The participants fight each other to see who is the champion.

In MMA, direct confrontation fights are allowed, such as muay thai, boxing, taekwondo, kung fu, karate, among others. It also contemplates martial arts of finalizations, like jiu jitsu, judo, grappling and aikido.

There are 2 ways to win an MMA fight, the first way is a fighter causing a decisive blow and obliterating the opponent, also known as a knockout. The other way is by chokes or twisting of limbs using grappling. 

Main championships

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UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship)

The event is so popular that people use the name UFC to refer to the sport of MMA fighting. The event was created by mogul Dana White in 1993 and over time it has undergone some modifications until it became as we know it today.

The UFC is the event that every fighter wants to be, and it’s not for nothing. A contract signed with the brand is easily worth millions of dollars.

The participations are composed by international athletes and maintains a strong presence in the disputes every year. Big names like Royce Gracie, Anderson Silva and Rodrigo Minotauro have already become champions in the tournament.

The championship takes place monthly in several places around the world, with its biggest accomplishment in Las Vegas. Brazil has already been the stage of this event and our athlete representatives bring great international visibility to the country.

Bellator MMA Championship Tournaments

Formed in 2008 by Bjorn Rebney Bellator MMA is the second most famous event in the United States. In the championship, there are 8 weight divisions and it brings together participants from all over the world.

Among its main fighters, there are big names, such as Cris Cyborg, Douglas Lima, Patricio Freire and Juliana Velasquez. And also international athletes, like Vadim Nemkov, from Russia, Gegard Mousasi, from Holland and Ryan Bader, from the USA.

Every month there are countless athletes seeking a long contract with Bellator MMA. The events are broadcast in more than 160 countries around the globe.

Jungle Fight

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Jungle Fight was created in 2003 by Wallid Ismail (former vale tudo world champion) and today is one of the biggest championships of the sport in Latin America. The tournament has 7 weight categories and over 600 athletes of different nationalities.

It is the only MMA event that is broadcast internationally in places like the USA, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, among others. Some legends such as Rogério Minotouro, José Aldo, Fabrício Werdum and Lyoto Machida have already passed through there.

The event happens almost every month. However, due to the current coronavirus health crisis, the 103rd edition of the championship was postponed and still does not have a new date for the dispute.

Does MMA have rules?

To protect the integrity of the athlete and avoid permanent damage, it was necessary to create a list of unified rules for Mixed Martial Arts. If you think that anything goes in MMA, you will be surprised by the size of the restrictions.

  • Headbutts;
  • Fingers in the opponent’s eyes;
  • Biting or spitting on the opponent;
  • Putting fingers or hands in the mouth / nose of the opponent;
  • Pulling the hair;
  • Attacking an opponent who is in the care of the referee;
  • Interference from the referee or seconds in the fight.

Any non-compliance with the rules results in a foul. A sequence of infractions can decrease your score of the round or even be an expulsion criterion, making the competitor lose the fight.

Only the referee can evaluate a foul. If he does not mark the infraction, the judges cannot penalise the fighter on their own.

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