It’s time to call the fire brigade to put out this fire. The prizes are on fire at Fire Bingo. Come and meet this new release from Zitro Interactive full of action. Enjoy, because the game is fully in Portuguese.

This is a traditional video bingo. It has 60 balls in its globe and in the first draw you get 30 balls to score. Your cards are in the format 3×5, or 15 balls each.

In all there are 17 types of awards. A very high number compared to most other video bingos. The prizes start at 3 times the value of the bet. But the jackpot reaches 1,500 times the amount wagered.

In addition, you have up to 10 extra balls, which increases your chances of winning a great prize. You can buy as many as you like.


Fire Bingo

The good news is that the game offers free extra balls randomly. But the best of all are the Z-balls, where you can choose what the next number drawn will be.

One of the big attractions of the game is its jackpot accumulation. Get a full card with less than 30 balls to win that jackpot.

This video bingo also comes with a bonus feature if you complete the sequence indicated on the screen.

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Now it’s time to define how many cards you will play with. There is a maximum of four and a minimum of one per spin. You can also change the combination of numbers as much as you wish.

You can rest assured that the marking of the cards is automatic. The numbers drawn will be blue. The winning lines will be marked in red.

You should pay attention to the numbers that are flashing red and yellow. These are the missing numbers to complete a winning draw using the extra balls.

After the end of the draw, the extra balls will be offered in some cases. You can buy some or give up and start a new round.

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Fire Bingo theme, design and graphics

How to play Fire Bingo

Zitro Interactive brings you another game with a fun theme. Here the firefighters will put out the fire for you to guarantee incredible prizes.

This is a very intuitive game in its design, which has chosen to work with primary colours and a good contrast between them.

The graphics of the game are very simple. The elements are practically in 2D, which makes the game light for any device.

How to win in Fire Bingo

To win in Fire Bingo you do not have to fight any flames. All you need is luck and a good strategy. Here are tips on how to improve your game a lot.

It is important to know that this is a low volatility game, meaning constant but not very high winnings. Therefore it is better to play longer sessions.

Therefore you should bet a little higher than usual. Otherwise you might not get out of your seat.

To increase your chances it is important to always play with all active cards. You should also avoid changing your numbers all the time.

One of the advantages of the game is that the prices for extra balls are relatively cheap. Take the opportunity to order whenever there is a good offer.

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